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Patient Discounts
Information on how to receive a Patient Discount

Love My Hair Boutique™ offers a 12% discount rate on all wigs and products to Cancer/ Medical Hair Loss Patients.
In order to receive a medical discount, the customer must mailor fax us proof of medical condition from a doctor indicating your medical condition such as Alopecia, Cancer Treatment, etc.  The letter must be written by a licensed physician and submitted on the physician's letterhead.  (Physician's credentials will be verified)
All information obtained by Love My Hair Boutique™ will remain strictly confidential, and will be used for the sole purpose of approving the client discount rate with us.  Love My Hair Boutique™ reserves the right to decline, discontinue or change discount rate at any time.  Discount rate is subject to change without prior notice.  All documents that are submitted to us become the property of Love My Hair Boutique™ and will be kept on file for verification purposes.  After the verification process, Love My Hair Boutique™ will honor the discount rate on every purchase made through us.